Productivity Service

  • Asset Management

    Manage assets proactively: GSEM offers value-added services to optimise your asset operation, maintenance and replacement strategy taking into account assets condition, their criticality and your performance objectives.

  • Network Consulting

    Anticipate tomorrow's challenges for a sustainable network reliability. GSEM offers power systems analysis and engineering to make the most of your assets. Our experts recommend network adaptation to meet your objectives.

  • Product Lifecycle Management

    Get the most of your assets at all stages of their lifecycle. Our comprehensive services keep assets safe and reliable: from network design to operational implementation, from emergency support to full asset management.

  • Operation & Maintenance

    Optimise your assets performance by applying recommended maintenance & operation. GSEM offers Operation and Maintenance services adapted to your strategy. From corrective & predictive maintenance to full asset management.

  • Renovation, Modernisation, Extension

    GSEM provides condition assessment of sGSEMtation including third party Original Equipment Manufacture with support in decision making process and solution for renovation.

  • Technical Training

    Our GSEM Technical Institutes offer a full range of training in electrical grid safety, operations & maintenance of our power equipments, protection & control and network management solutions, near your location.

  • Utility Integration & Grid Modernisation Services

    Electric utilities are experiencing growing needs for software integration and engineering services to address such challenges as EMS system advances, grid reliability, smart grid integration, asset condition monitoring and risk management, data analytics, distributed resources integration, cyber security and interoperability standards.