EPC Process

Step 1 : Business Plan Submission

At minimum, the plan should include :

  • a description of the opportunity and market size;
  • resumes of your management team;
  • a review of the competitive landscape and solutions;
  • detailed financial projections; and
  • a capitalization table.

You should also include an executive summary of your business proposal along with the business plan.

Step 2 : Introductory Conversation / Meeting

If your firm has the potential to fit with GSEM's investment preferences, you will be contacted in order to discuss your business in more depth.

If, after this conversation, a mutual fit is still seen, you'll be asked to visit with GSEM for a one- to-two hour meeting to discuss the opportunity in more detail.

After this meeting, GSEM will determine whether or not to move forward to the due diligence stage of the process.

Step 3 : Due Diligence

The due diligence phase will vary depending upon the nature of your business proposal.

Step 4 : Term Sheets and Funding

If the due diligence phase is satisfactory, GSEM will offer you a term sheet.

This is a non-binding document that spells out the basic terms and conditions of the investment agreement.

The term sheet is generally negotiable and must be agreed upon by all parties, after which you should expect a wait of roughly three to four weeks for completion of legal documents and legal due diligence before funds are made available.