Mr. George Song
Chairman of the Board
GS-EMG Investment Holdings Ltd
Best Success Holdings Limited

GS-EMG Investment Holdings Ltd is a global planning company focusing on operation of Large-scale public works construction and renewable energy power generation projects to undertake international equity and debt finance and financial services, EPC equipment supply and systems installation and implementation of the project, and operation and maintenance O & M integration

Company History

In the past 10 years, Best Success has been dealing and working in solar raw materials business with solar manufacturers in Germany, USA, Japan, South Korea, (Including Sharp, Mitsubishi, Samsung, LG, MEMC, Wacker, etc).


Summer Best Success Holdings Limited was formed by George Song and sponsored by Korean Mission in Taipei attended the Korea (Gwangju) International Solar Wind Earth Energy Trade Fair to promote and sales on Silicon Crystalline material in November 2006 Asia


Best Success acted as a dealer for Wacker - Germany, O.C.I., Osung, and Woonglin - Korea, distribute and resell Ingot to supplier chains. Also Best Success started business in processing IC graded brick and Ingot for resell. Best success's cooperative alliance included Sino-America Silicon Products Inc.


After successfully launched international material business, Best Success extended its reach in Wafer business and made astonishing success in market share to include reputable Japan companies such as Mitsubishi, TokuYama, Sharpe, etc, and China's LDK, Suntech, and GCL as customers.


Best Success entered into solar cell business and developed Taiwan client base such as Motech, Green Technology, e-Tone Solar, and Unitech Solar. In the same time, Best Success made an important strategic move in forming and supporting a North America Solar Energy Projects Developing group led by current Best Success's Chairman of the Board (Mr. George Song)


The newly upcoming India Market caught Best Success's attention and devotion. The Gujarat State PPA projects totaling 17MW and involved international companies such as GCL, MCC-CETC, and Mitsubishi. Best Success's North America Solar Energy Developing East Coast team (A Plus Solar) and West Coast team (i-Solar) began to root into state level projects development.

2011 Q1 & Q2

2MW out of Gujarat India's 17MW SPPA was performed by US Exim bank's Participation and Completed. Best Success's East Coast Developing team successfully gained US Massachusetts state government's support in developing Solar Energy projects and West Coast 55MW project were ready to start groundwork in New Mexico and Navajo autonomous regions.

2011 Q3 & Q4

Best Success was deeply involved in planning and directing local governmental Solar Energy Projects from Rooftop projects to Large Utility Scale projects throughout China and cooperated with reputable companies such as BOE. Also used China as a gateway. Best success began to reach out to the Ultimate Solar Energy Market: Africa and Middle East.


Best Success actively participate in the development of large-scale power plant projects, in the field of renewable energy, and successfully real progress in the New Mexico and Navajo autonomous regions.


Best Success is actively expanding large-scale power plant project and development of power plant project in other countries, such as Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Japan and USA. At the same time, Best success's Chairman of the Board (Mr. George Song) established the GS-EnergyMax Group, and imported "We won't be satisfied until you are” for GS-EnergyMax Group's culture.

2014 Q1 & Q2

GS-EnergyMax Group enter the Caribbean Sea actively cooperate with few governments and gradually expanded the Caribbean networking project plans. Then gradually expand the development of wind energy projects in the Dominican.

By the middle of the year GS-EnergyMax Group enter Electricity Market of South America.

2014 Q3 & Q4

GS-EnergyMax Group cooperate with South Korea top cooperate actively participate and develop of solar and wind energy projects in Indonesia, Philippines and Cambodia.

GS-EnergyMax Group is led by Chairman Mr. George Song enter Akagi, Japan with local top business firm to develop over 10MW Solar Power Plant in the protected zone, and begin development of wind farm in South Kyushu.


GS-EnergyMax Group obtained support from Argentina local region government electric company to begin 60MW solar project in La Rioja Region.

Located in the South Philippine off-grid island caught by GS-EnergyMax Group Chairman Mr. George Song’s attention to proceed with the local government involvement and start large-scale solar power plant project


GS-EnergyMax Group has established into GS-EMG Investment Holdings Ltd globally.


GSEMG has activitly focusing on Large Scale Public Works and Renewable Energy Projects in ASEAN countries.