A Few Words About Us

GSEM Group is committed to funding global's most potential and innovative business in any kind of industry then working alongside them to the success; GSEM currently has invested and developed in particular with the renewable energy industry across three continents for addressing the local government's energy crisis and environment problem.

GSEM will be recognized as an innovative business that the service involved Finance, EPC, and Advisor Service of renewable energy, etc.

Messages From Chairman of the Board

Mr. George Song Chairman of the Board
Best Success Holdings Limited
GS-EnergyMax Group

GSEM is expert in developing projects as well as presenting other renewable developing projects for the commitment of the earth's carbon reduction which followed the new agreement of Paris climate conference.

Also, we can be involved all the various project and provide the Knowledgeable, Professional, Educated, and Helpful assistance. Our goal is to work in partnership with our clients to fulfill their business needs.

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Our Value

A Committed Investor

Our approach is to get involved at the beginning of a project - the seed stage - and stay involved, often until later stages- achive the expected goal.

Our goal is to realize excellent return on our investments by creating value for all shareholders.

Financial Capacity

We understand that unlocking the value of an idea – through cash flow autonomy, a strategic acquisition, or an IPO – takes time and, often, repeated investment.

As a stable, long-term investor, GSEM has the great financial capacity to support promising, renewable energy industries throughout their development cycle.

Local Assistance With National And Global Perspective

We are one of the few Asian venture capital players to have investment professionals in most major global markets, supported in turn by GSEM’s own network of most business centre.

Meanwhile, our team of investment professionals maintains key relationships in the global VC and technology industries.

Our extensive reach lets entrepreneurs benefit from our contacts coast to coast – and from our global perspective.

Unparalleled Team And Expertise

GSEM helps entrepreneurs grow successful companies by providing ongoing advice and support from our team of seasoned investment professionals, selected for their technological expertise and industry experience in areas such as sales, marketing, business development, production, and R&D.

We can assist with strategic direction, senior executive hiring, commercialization, and fund-raising initiatives.

We will also actively participate on a company’s board, while providing access to our cross-country network of investee companies and other business contacts.


  • 01

    Renewable energy development in ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nation) : 100~300MW

    Philippines :
    Vietnam :
    Thailand :
    Indonesia :

  • 02

    Renewable energy development in Latin America and Caribbean : 100~350MW

    Chile :
    Argentina :
    Bolivia :
    Paraguay :
    Uruguay :

  • 03

    Renewable energy development in Africa : 100~600MW

    Namibia :
    Nigeria :
    Republic of south Africa :
    Botswana :



Over Thousands MW of experience. GSEM works with local developers to turn project plans into reality.


As a global EPC, GSEM leverages the best local construction companies to build the highest quality solar power plants.

Product Suppliers

Our professional, integrated supply chain team assures the highest levels of quality. GSEM diligently vets suppliers by performing factory reviews and quality control inspections.

Supply Team

  • Working with a wide variety of suppliers.
  • From large power plant equipment to small components.
  • Sharing a commitment to excellence.

Our Vision

  • Deliver excellent products and services

  • Develop environmental & cost friendly renewable energy projects

  • Create local content with industry development

Our Mission

We regard top priority given to the benefit of our partner as our first consideration.