Technical O & M

Take advantage of our unequalled know-how as the Global market leader in system supervision in plants.

Regardless of what type of renewable energy system you operate, our advice is always just as personalised and professional as our modular service range itself.

Technical Plant Management :

  • We guarantee high yield and a long service life.
  • Fault analysis by telephone and remote monitoring.
  • System monitored daily using cutting-edge remote monitoring technology.
  • Annual visual check and electrical test of the module array and all associated components.
  • Recording of yield data, downtimes and availability.
  • Analysis of operations data for preventive fault detection.
  • SGSEMtation maintenance.
  • Use of on-site personnel.

Fault Management :

  • We ensure maximum possible system availability.
  • Provision of a service hotline.
  • Provision of service specialists.
  • Qualified allocation of fault messages.

System Maintenance :

  • Yield optimisation and a well-maintained image for your solar energy system.
  • Looking after green spaces and buffer areas.
  • Surface cleaning of the module according to the manufacturer‘s specifications without any chemical additives.

Data and Information Management :

  • We provide you with a transparent and comprehensive overview of your system status.
  • Detailed monthly reports (yield analysis and fault analysis).
  • Compilation of log books with all the maintenance and job reports and the system history.
  • Compilation of annual report with a complete summary of yields.
  • Expected/actual yield comparisons, transparent monthly and annual statistics.
  • Provision of yield data online for each customer.

Engineering / Consulting :

  • We guarantee the optimal system configuration.
  • Advice during the project planning phase.
  • Continually advising owners on innovative system optimization.
  • Advice also provided from the optimization of external installations.
  • Operator training.

Administration :

  • We can undertake the handling of project administrative tasks.
  • Coordination of contact persons from and for manufacturers, maintenance companies, energy suppliers and the authorities.
  • Handling of warranty issues and dealing with insurance companies.
  • On request we would be glad to submit an individual service proposal for your property.
  • We are also pleased to offer availability guarantees, the option to absorb repair costs or efficient spare part management, all tailor-made.

* These services are usually provided in coordination with a local partner.